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Paducah City Commission Highlights

paducah city commission 300PADUCAH, Ky. (8/14/13) – The following are the highlights of Paducah City Commission meeting held on Tuesday, August 13, 2013.
The Mayor and Commissioners approved an ordinance establishing a Roof Stabilization Program to assist property owners within a defined area of historic downtown Paducah.
Planning Director Steve Ervin says he has talked with three property owners interested in the program. Plus, a pre-qualification application is posted for contractors to be pre-qualified for the program. The program area stretches in general from Water Street to 7th Street and Jefferson Street to Kentucky Avenue. The purpose of the ordinance is to protect the historic structures, reduce the deterioration of the buildings, and prevent greater expenditures by the City of Paducah by hopefully preventing the need for demolition. Property owners will be eligible to apply for financial assistance in replacing or repairing the roof of their buildings with financial assistance not exceeding 50 percent of the construction costs or 50 percent of the stabilization funds allotted by the City for the fiscal year. Also, third party construction estimates are required. Annual applications for assistance would be accepted for a specified period of time once a public notice is issued. The ordinance outlines an applicant’s eligibility based upon the urgency of the roof stabilization, the contribution of the structure on the National Register of Historic Places, the structure’s relationship to adjacent structures, and the capital commitment of the property owner to rehabilitate the structure. The funds will not be available to the property owner until the rehabilitation work has been completed. The City of Paducah Planning Department will oversee the program with the Urban Renewal & Community Development Agency (URCDA) given the authority to oversee the allocation of funds up to $50,000. The ordinance also defines procedures for emergency roof repair with the City Commission reviewing all emergency roof repair requests more than $20,000. The first year of the Roof Stabilization Program will have $135,000 available based on a $50,000 budget appropriation and the transferring of $85,000 from a façade loan program.
The Mayor and Commissioners approved a municipal order approving the letter of intent between the City of Paducah and Arizon Structures for the marketing and sale of the dome pavilion. Parks Services Director Mark Thompson says, “Arizon is the manufacturer, and they also sell some used ones. This is the best place to go with our structure.” In December 2009, the City approved the purchase of a 37,800 square foot dome pavilion from Arizon. Since that time the structure has been inflated for a few months each year on the city-owned piece of property located on North 4th Street adjacent to the Julian Carroll Convention Center. The structure was purchased to replace the space available in the former Executive Inn hotel which was demolished after the City purchased it in 2009. Negotiations are underway for a new hotel to be situated on the property used for the pavilion. The pavilion, therefore, is being declared as a surplus item.
The Mayor and Commissioners introduced an ordinance for Change Order #1 with MAC Construction and Excavating, Inc. for the Riverfront Redevelopment Project. This change order is a substitution of materials which will not increase or decrease the contract amount. The City has a $4.49 million contract with MAC for the installation of the 316,000 tons of rock for the mass fill project to create the bump-out or breakwater and the installation of the 12 guide structures/pilings to support a future gangway. In this change order, MAC will use the concrete slab from the former Executive Inn as fill material. It is estimated that the slab contains 1460 tons of concrete. The use of the concrete from the slab prepares the former Executive Inn site for the future since any future use would require the removal of the slab. Plus, the use of the slab reduces the amount of rock needed for the project. Once the fill is in place, it will need to settle for nine to 12 months before further work can commence. The majority of this phase of the riverfront project is funded by a $2.97 million Neighborhood Initiative Project Grant by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. For more information about the Riverfront Redevelopment Project, visit www.paducahky.gov.
The Mayor and Commissioners introduced an ordinance for the purchase of a trommel portable screening plant in the amount of $172,850 from Ohio Machinery Company. One bid was received for this project. The bid was much lower than the budgeted amount of $300,000. The trommel screening plant will allow the Compost Facility on North 8th Street to produce more of the premium compost which is often requested due to its fine-grained texture. Engineering-Public Works Director Rick Murphy says, “This machine is a screening machine that takes wood compost and turns it into a finer mix.” This machine also is much more efficient than the City’s current piece of equipment. It can produce the compost mixture eight times faster. Murphy also says that the City has been approached by a buyer for the mixture to be used in a bio-engineered soil that would be used on coal mine reclamation sites.
Quick Highlights
 • Carolyn Young, Oscar Gamble, Nick Warren, and Micky Carman appointed to the Nuisance Code Enforcement Board.
• Human Resources Director Cindy Medford recognized two employees who are retiring: Greg Taylor, a floodwall operator, who is retiring after more than 25 years of service and Police Officer Brent Obermark who is retiring with 18 years of service.
• Municipal order approved to apply for the Kentucky Division of Waste Management 2013-2014 Litter Abatement Award in the amount of $15,058.68. There is no local match.
• Ordinance approved for the management agreement between the City of Paducah and the Joint Sewer Agency for services provided by the Information Technology Department.
• Ordinance unanimously not approved for the purchase of three Ford Police Interceptor vehicles in the amount of $90,707.01 utilizing the Kentucky State contract. The Engineering-Public Works Department will now advertise allowing local dealers to bid. The final bids will be compared to the State contract before a final purchase recommendation is made.
• Ordinance approved for the purchase of roll-out containers, lids, and fittings not to exceed $80,000 during this fiscal year utilizing the Kentucky State contract.
• Ordinance approved for a contract between the City of Paducah and the Luther F. Carson Four Rivers Center with the City providing the performing arts center $66,685 for this fiscal year. The funds help support the Carson Center’s Class Act Series.
• Ordinance introduced (vote Aug. 27) to approve the premium rates for Workers’ Compensation, Property, and Liability insurance from the Kentucky League of Cities for 2014 for $306,525; $502,448; and $132,311, respectively. The Convention Center Corporation will reimburse the City $32,960 for property and $3,098 for liability for coverage of the Julian Carroll and Expo Centers.
• Ordinance introduced (vote Aug. 27) to accept the bid in the amount of $135,200 from Jim Steele Construction for the construction of a 1380 square foot home at 1322 Madison in the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood. This is the sixth home as part of the HOME grant.
• Ordinance introduced (vote Aug. 27) for a deadline extension to the 2012 Fire Prevention and Safety Award. The grant award has been used to fund a deputy fire marshal and funding for the Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program. The extension extends the time to use the grant funding through March 30, 2014.
• Ordinance introduced (vote Aug. 27) for the purchase of solid waste dumpsters in an amount not to exceed $70,000 utilizing the Kentucky State contract. The City has more than 800 commercial solid waste dumpsters.
• Ordinances introduced (vote Aug. 27) for contracts between the City of Paducah and the following agencies:
o Paducah Area Transit System - $215,000.
o Barkley Regional Airport - $136,430
o Paducah Junior College (for Paducah School of Art & Design Funding) - $75,000
o Paducah Junior College (for Community Scholarship Program) - $125,000.

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