sportsman for christ1 300KENTUCKY (5/29/13) – Hello again folks! I hope you are having a blessed day. We have had some very beautiful weather here in Western Kentucky. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend.
We spent some time fishing and working outside around the house over Memorial Day weekend. There are so many great things to eat, and it all comes from God’s great outdoors. Stop right there! I’m not talking about the fresh produce from your garden. I am talking about creatures from the wild.
Let’s start out with the bullfrog. To some of us, it is a slimy creature that lives in ponds, lakes and streams. To others, it is a delicious food waiting to jump right into your hungry belly. Frog legs are delicious when fried up and salted.
Another creature that is overlooked is the snapping turtle. These turtles have seven different kinds of meat in them. They are very good when barbecued.
The next critter, one that I have not personal tried, is beaver. It is actually the beaver tail that most folks enjoy.
The final critter that we’ll be covering this week is the rattlesnake. It is served all over the southwest. Don’t say you don’t like it until you try it. I always said I would never eat clams and oysters. I manned up and tried them, and boy, they were delicious…fried of course.
Don’t be afraid to try new types of foods. You might just be surprised.
Until next week, be safe and God bless!
Sportsmen for Christ
Bro Loman Scarbrough
(270) 621-0842

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