10 Best Places to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Kentucky

Like most states, Kentucky requires drivers to have auto insurance. Not only will you have to provide proof of insurance if the police pull you over, but you’ll also need it when you register your vehicle. If you fail to provide proof of insurance coverage, the punishments can be severe. They might include a canceled registration, a suspended license, and massive fines. It could even result in up to 90 days in jail. So, having insurance on your vehicle is a necessity if you want to drive in Kentucky. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance in Kentucky, make sure it fits the legal minimum requirements before you buy. These minimums are: 

Unfortunately for Kentucky drivers, insurance in the state is some of the most expensive in the country. WDRB news reports that Louisville ranks as the 8th most expensive city in the nation for car insurance. The average annual premium here will cost drivers $3,000 a year.

What makes Kentucky drivers so expensive to insure? It’s partially due to the fact that Kentucky is a “no-fault” state, which makes coverage more expensive for the insurance companies. Kentucky also has a higher-than-average rate for traffic death and auto thefts, both of which will raise insurance premiums.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t cheap car insurance in Kentucky. But it does mean drivers will need to shop around for the best rates. If you are looking for the cheapest car insurance in Kentucky, you can start by comparing prices with local insurance providers. Make sure you look for discount opportunities, too. These include discounts for military service or reduced rates for those who haven’t had an accident in a long time. 


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Top 10 Insurance Providers of Cheap Car Insurance in Kentucky

Don’t believe the ads; no one company is the cheapest for everyone. That’s because the cost will vary based on your age, vehicle, and driving record. You’ll need to shop around to find the best deal for you. Here is a list of some of the best places to start your search for cheap car insurance in Kentucky, and it includes both independent agents and national providers.

1. Family Select Insurance 

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6409 New Dutchmans Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40205 | (502) 454-7283

With over 100 reviews on Google and a 4.7 rating, this Louisville insurance company has a sterling reputation. Reviewers are quick to praise the fact that Family Select helped them find lower prices on auto insurance in a matter of minutes.

  • They can do a lot of comparison shopping for you by looking at various insurance providers and finding you the best deal possible
  • The friendly team works quickly and can help you bundle other insurance types to save even more
  • There are some complaints about using their online quote system, so you may be better off speaking to them over the phone

2. Independent Agents of Kentucky

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3830 Taylorsville Rd Suite #11, Louisville, KY 40220 | (502) 459-8880

This agency has worked to find Kentucky drivers cheap car insurance in Kentucky since 1983. Because they are an independent insurance company, they aren’t going to push one provider on you. Instead, they’ll search for the best deals and help find ways to bring down your premiums. 

  • You can get a no-obligation quote from them in a few minutes over the phone or through their online service
  • The staff takes the time to talk to clients about their insurance needs to find the best product at the best price
  • There isn’t much to complain about with a local company that can do some of your comparison shopping for you

3. Kentucky Farm Bureau

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9201 Bunsen Parkway 40220 Louisville, KY | (800) 206-6887

This is a long-trusted insurance provider in Kentucky, and they have been serving customers since 1943. They have an excellent customer service rating and can compete with even the biggest national companies. Don’t worry — you don’t have to own or work on a farm to use their insurance services.

  • They have reasonable rates for minimum coverage and new drivers
  • They are often competitive with even the biggest national insurance providers
  • They don’t provide many specialist coverage options, so this is best if you need more straightforward coverage options

4. State Farm

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You’ll find State Farm insurance agents all over Kentucky, from Tracey Davis in Fort Thomas to Justin Mays down in Middlesboro. It’s a good sign that most of them are very highly reviewed, too. State Farm is a reliable insurance company, but they aren’t often the cheapest auto insurance option for Kentucky drivers. 

  • They often provide the cheapest insurance option after you’ve had a DUI
  • This is a highly trusted national insurance company that offers discounts when you bundle your insurance with them
  • These discounts transform average deals and services into cheap car insurance in Kentucky
  • This company can be a pricier option for drivers with clean driving records, as well as for new drivers

5. Louisville Kentucky Insurance

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6801 Dixie Hwy Suite #237, Louisville, KY 40258 | (502) 447-3711

Another independent insurance provider, Louisville Kentucky Insurance is an easy-to-work-with agency. They take their time with clients to explain how insurance works and how to find the best deals. Based on their reviews, their clients love them, so they are definitely worth a call to see what they could do for you, too. 

  • They do some of the work of shopping around for you with providers such as Travelers, Safeco, and Liberty Mutual
  • While they are independent, they can’t give you quotes on every insurance provider
  • You could be missing out on a deal


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Military service can often get you a discount on your insurance. USAA takes that a step further. They are an insurance company designed exclusively for those who are serving or have previously served in the military. Many of their family members can get coverage, too, even if they aren’t in the armed forces. 

  • If you have military ties, you can get cheap car insurance in Kentucky that is usually far below other national rates
  • Accident forgiveness is free if your household doesn’t make a claim for five years
  • These low quotes won’t be available to everyone

7. Reynolds Insurance Group

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11820 Ransum Dr #201, Louisville, KY 40243 | (502) 933-2255

Reynolds Insurance Group is a Louisville company that is 100% independent. They’ll get quotes from insurance providers to see where you’ll get the best deal. The friendly team also goes through the fine print for you, so you know exactly what coverage you are getting with your policy. 

  • You’ll have access to a wide range of policies to help you find the best one
  • The agents can offer objective advice on the kind of policy you really need
  • The small staff isn’t always immediately available when you need help

8. Old Kentucky Insurance

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915 Lily Creek Rd, Louisville, KY 40243 | (502) 451-8800

Old Kentucky Insurance is an independent insurance agency that works with more than 50 insurance providers. That means they can really go in-depth when it comes to getting you a quote on your auto insurance. The team is very responsive and really know their stuff when it comes to insurance, so you can rely on their advice. 

  • They work with more than 50 insurance providers, so you’ll get quotes from more than the big five brands
  • The agency has more than 40 decades of experience in the insurance business
  • The website is a little clunky and packed with so much information that it can be tough to navigate

9. Geico

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Geico has a few insurance agents in Kentucky, including David Saab in Lexington and Matt Worley in Louisville. It’s not just Geico’s gecko mascot that makes them memorable. The company is also widely known for offering low insurance rates. Beware, though — those rates can skyrocket as soon as you have an accident. 

  • This is one of the better options for drivers with poor credit
  • Everything happens online, so it’s great if you prefer technology to in-person interaction
  • Insurance rates will go up dramatically once you make a claim

10. Progressive

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Progressive is a national insurance provider, but you can find a local Kentucky agent to help you get a quote. This company can offer competitive rates for good drivers, but they have a bad reputation for customer service. If you have a claim, prepare to be on the phone for a while and follow up a few times. If you don’t mind that, they could be a good option for cheap car insurance in Kentucky.

  • This is often the least expensive insurance agency for those with a clean driving record
  • The deep discounts for good drivers can really bring down your premiums
  • Their customer service has a bad reputation, so beware if you put a high value on that

Getting insurance is crucial for Kentucky drivers. Getting the right insurance, though, can be even more important. You’ll need to make sure you are getting the right coverage for your vehicle while also getting the cheapest car insurance in Kentucky. Whether you decide to work with an independent agent or go with a big national company, make sure you shop around. Prices vary wildly from one company to the next, so you never know who might have the best deal. Start with the companies on this list, and you are sure to find the insurance you need at a price you can afford.