KENTUCKY – The heat is on! The sun is high in the sky! The weather forecast is calling for high temperatures during the day to be near the 100 degree mark, the Barometric Pressure is high, and conditions for fishing isn't the most favorable. But, you can adjust your strategy to make it a more successful fishing trip and a little more enjoyable also.
My best fishing tips for fishing during these very hot and dry weather conditions is to not do as the normal fishing angler. You need to change your normal habits for normal weather of ideal temps of 80 degree days. When the forecast is near 100 degrees, I suggest that you have a game plan to keep yourself safe from the elements.
First, venture out as early in the day as possible. Near daybreak is best. The darkness of the night will cool the water temperature down a few degrees, and, for the most part, the fish are more active in low light conditions instead of the middle of the day with very bright sunshine beaming down on the water.
Fish are somewhat like humans, as during the middle of the day they seek shade and cooler waters. If you are seeking Bass to fish for in these drought conditions we are experiencing, I can tell you, if you are fishing from a lake bank, to look for deeper water or a dock. With water levels low in most bodies of water, it will be impossible to fish a low residing bank because of all the moss overgrowth near the edge. Look for steeper areas in the lake, such as docks, or dam area, that hold a drop-off near the bank.
Also, a great tip is that if there are any small creeks that feed the lake, or a smaller river feeding into a larger river that makes any current at all, these would be a good focus point to fish. Anywhere that there may be current in a river or lake due to a small creek or river would be great.
If you're fishing near a reservoir lake, such as Kentucky Lake or Lake Barkley, the intake area of the dam, which produces water current due to the water intake of the turbines, is a great area to fish. Some of the baits I would use near docks, drop-offs or dam areas, with a little deeper water, would be a spinner bait, with the color being either replica of a Shad or a Bluegill.
If you're not getting any strikes on spinner baits you can try to downsize your bait somewhat. Sometimes smaller baits will produce more strikes, but sometimes resulting in smaller fish. Another good bait to try is a Crankbait or a Rattletrap bait. Try using more natural colors of your bait if the water clarity is clear. This is somewhat of a trial and error concept, depending on the water that you're fishing.
For the most part, if any way possible, I like to use monofilament line due to the fact it stretches somewhat when you hook a fish and prevents you from pulling the bait out of the fish’s mouth.
If you're not the Bass fishing type, and it is Catfish that you prefer, night fishing is the best time to venture out for some more Hawg Cats! After the Sun goes down and the nighttime predator fish come alive looking for a meal, a good Setup for Catfishing is about as good as it gets in the hot, dog days of summer! For heavy fish, while using a good heavy duty Pole a fishing line, I suggest using an Ambassader 5500 reel and at least 25-pound test line of Stren Monifilant heavy duty line and a good #4 circle hook for those whisker-lipped Catfish!
The best Tip when going out in these very hot days is to remember to keep yourself safe and don't get yourself in a bad situation! Drink plenty of fluids, water or Gatorade. Wear light-colored clothing that fits rather loosely, and a light colored hat, as well as a good pair of UV protected sunshades. If you're fishing at night, always pack a good flashlight and an extra one just in case something happens to your first light. If you wear a hat, I personally like a good hat pin light. I have two that light up clear, red or green from the bill of the hat, and keep your hands free when changing baits.
Always inform someone exactly where you're heading out to go fishing! Try some of these tips and hopefully the fish will be on your Line.
Stay safe and always leave it better than you found it. Hope your next fishing trip is a successful trip! Until next time, we'll see you on the water or in the woods.

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