It is easier than ever to get a teaching degree online from the comfort of your own home. If you are considering taking that first step to becoming a teacher, you might be wondering how expensive it will be to get your teaching degree online.

You can get your bachelor’s teaching degree online for $40,000-$60,000 on average from a public institution. It will be a few thousand dollars more expensive from a private school or out-of-state school.

You might be wondering what some options are in obtaining an online degree, like teaching elementary school, high school, or special education. We'll discuss each option and the difference in cost between some major colleges and universities, and the difference between different credit levels (undergraduate vs. graduate). Read on to find out more. 

Public School Tuition Costs


In general, public school tuition costs vary in a couple of ways. First, they sometimes depend on whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student. But most of the time, the cost of an online degree is the same no matter where you live. 

The University of Alabama - Bama By Distance

The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL, offers several online teaching degrees through their Bama By Distance Program. They offer costs by the credit hour with three main options. For reference, most courses are 3 credit hours.

  • Undergraduate Credits are $375 per credit hour
  • Graduate Credits are $420 per credit hour
  • Doctoral Credits for the EdD in Higher Education Administration (Executive Cohort) are $720 per credit hour

Most programs offer the ability to complete coursework anywhere you can access a computer. You can also complete them on your schedule. Some courses do require scheduled course meetings, while others are completely asynchronous. 

Appalachian State Tuition Depends on Your Residency

Appalachian State University in North Carolina also offers an online teaching degree program. However, their fees differ from that of Alabama. Instead of organizing their fees by graduate, undergraduate, or doctoral level, Appalachian State’s tuition costs vary depending on where you live. 

In-state students can expect to pay $163.05 per credit hour, which is extremely affordable compared to most other college options. However, out-of-state students will pay a much higher rate, at $663.65 per credit hour. This makes Appalachian State a very desirable option for an in-state student, but probably less so for an out-of-state student.

One of the most common online degree options for education students is Arizona State University. They have a vast number of online courses, so it is easy to find the one that is right for you and your career goals. Their tuition costs vary by degree level and are paid by the credit hour.

  • Undergraduate credits are $561-661 per credit hour
  • Graduate credits are $543-1,343 per credit hour
  • Certificate credits are $543-$1,099 per credit hour

The University of Nebraska Online Includes 4 Universities

The University of Nebraska is a network of 4 different universities, including: 

  • The University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • The University of Nebraska - Omaha
  • The University of Nebraska - Kearney
  • The University of Nebraska - Medical Center

Because all four campuses operate within the same website, The University of Nebraska Online can offer over 100 courses that fall under the umbrella of a teaching degree. Here are a few examples.

Bachelor of Arts in Education (BA Ed) degree program supports the right of all children. In-state students pay $259 per credit hour, while out-of-state students pay $396 per credit hour.

The online Psychology, BA program provides students with a solid foundation for understanding and teaching psychology. In-state students pay $259 per credit hour, while out-of-state students pay $396 per credit hour.

The online History, Bachelor of Arts (BA) is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of people, events, ideas, and values from a historical perspective to understand both past and contemporary societies. In-state students pay $259 per credit hour, while out-of-state students pay $396 per credit hour.

Private Online Teaching Degree Programs


In addition to the public colleges and universities mentioned above, many private colleges and universities offer fully online teaching degree programs. Just like public schools, these programs can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection. However, the cost will usually be slightly higher for a private school.

Liberty University Online Tuition and Fees

According to its website, Liberty University is ranked within the top 1% of 2,100+ online colleges and universities for academic quality, affordability, and accessibility. They also are unique in that their tuition and fees have not increased for six years and counting. This makes them one of the more affordable and value-driven private school options. 

For example, here is a quick breakdown of their tuition and fee schedule for the 2021 school year. 

  • Full-time undergraduates pay $390 per credit hour, while part-time undergraduates pay $455 per credit hour.
  • Full-time graduate students pay $565 per credit hour, while part-time graduate students pay $615 per credit hour.
  • Full-time doctoral students pay $595 per credit hour, while part-time doctoral students pay $650 per credit hour. 

Rates vary further depending on military status, as military members receive an additional discount that pushes the cost per credit hour down even further, to $250. As you can see, Liberty University’s Online tuition costs are generally on par with that of public colleges and universities, which can be a rare find for a private school. 

Brandman University is an Online Leader

Brandman University was originally a military college that has since expanded to include many graduate and undergraduate programs. Their university includes over 90 fields of study, 25 campus locations, and over 13,000 students. Their online programs have continued to grow and include more and more students every year. 

The typical Brandman course is three credit hours. Here is a breakdown of how much each credit hour costs depending on the course level.

  • Associate Degree credits are $500 per credit hour
  • Bachelor’s Degree credits are $500 per credit hour
  • Credential credits are $670 per credit hour
  • Master’s Degree credits are $670 per credit hour
  • Doctorate of Education credits are $1,015 per credit hour

Brandman does offer tuition discounts for active-duty military members and their spouses. This significantly reduces the cost of credits in certain degree programs, making Brandman a terrific option for members of the armed forces. Here is a list of those discounts.

  • Associate Degree credits are $250 per credit hour
  • Bachelor’s Degree credits are $250 per credit hour
  • Credential credits are $400 per credit hour
  • Master’s Degree credits are $400 per credit hour

It is important to note that the only program that does not receive a discount for active-duty military members and their spouses is the Doctorate of Education program. The cost of a credit hour in this program is $1,015 regardless of your military status.

Brandman also Offers a Self-Paced Program

Brandman is unique compared to some of the other colleges and universities on this list in that it offers a self-paced online degree program. In this program, the student decides how quickly or slowly they will complete the course material. This is also referred to as the MyPath Competency-Based Education Degree. 

Instead of charging by the credit hour, this program charges by the billing period, defined as a 24-week cycle. Here are the costs for each cycle depending on the course level. 

  • Associate Degree - $3,200
  • Bachelor’s Degree - $3,200
  • Master’s Degree - $3,500

With all of the available options, Brandman University offers something that appeals to every student regardless of pacing requirements and learning style. 

Regis University in Denver, Colorado


Regis University is a private university in Denver, CO. Since it is a private university, its tuition and fees are the same whether or not you are a resident of Colorado. They offer online and accelerated classes to fit your busy schedule and lifestyle. These allow learners to move through the material at their own pace. Here are the fees you can expect to pay. 

  • Adult undergraduate programs range from $475-$890 per credit hour
  • Adult graduate programs rand from $545-$990 per credit hour

Most of the variance in the cost depends on the exact program you choose. It can also depend on whether your class is fully online or if it is a hybrid class. Hybrid classes have occasional in-person meetings to supplement the online course work. Be sure to find out the status of your class and the exact cost before signing up.

Central Methodist University in Fayette, Missouri

The mission of Central Methodist University in Fayette, MO, is to foster a diverse community of lifelong learners through a commitment to academic excellence. Their in-person classes are home to over 1,000 students, while their online courses reach approximately 4,000 students. 

Although their title shows they are a Methodist university, they accept and welcome students of all faiths and backgrounds. Further, they seek to foster communication, curiosity, and community.

As you can see in the notes below, their tuition and costs are much lower than other private and public universities, making them an interesting option for cost-conscious students. 

  • Undergraduate online credits are $260 per credit hour
  • Master of Education online credits are $290 per credit hour
  • Continuing education credits are $1,075 for three graduate credits

Online Degrees Involve Other Costs Aside from Tuition


Although tuition is the most notable cost associated with online degrees, it is important to be aware of other costs and fees. These can drive up the total cost of your online teaching degree. They vary slightly from university to university, both in name and in exact cost. But, every university has them in some form or another. 

Here are some examples of these types of additional fees. Additionally, we’ll include an explanation of each one as well as what you can expect to pay. Remember, these estimates are just an average. Some of the actual costs may be higher or lower than what we’ve listed.

Software Fees Cover Computer Programs Used in Class

Some courses may involve the use of a software or computer program that is essential for class use. These are sometimes downloaded online from a website or can be purchased on a physical CD. In either case, the software is essential to the course. For this type of software program, you can expect to pay $50-100 on average.

Student Teaching Fees Cover Your First Teaching Experience

Student teaching is included in an undergraduate online teaching degree. It is a major important step in learning how to become an effective teacher. This will likely be the final course you take before obtaining your undergraduate degree. 

Your school may charge a fee to cover the cost of your student teaching experience. For example, Central Methodist University charges $35 per credit hour. This may go towards essential student teaching costs, such as a background check before you are allowed to enter a school.

They also charge a $500 mileage fee if your student teaching takes places outside a 60-mile radius of Fayette, Missouri. This allows the professors and faculty of the student teaching program to conduct in-person observations. 

Finally, you can expect to pay about $50 for a student teaching certificate. This certifies that you have completed the student teaching program and are finally ready to start applying for jobs and begin your career as a teacher!

General Fees That Apply to All Programs

Some fees apply to all online teaching programs regardless of the subject or content area you would like to teach. These are generally not too expensive, but they do add up. You should be aware of all of these fees before beginning your degree program. 

Not all fees apply to all students, but students should be prepared and expect to pay at least some of the following charges. 

Off-Site Testing Fees Cover Exams

You will have to take exams and tests throughout your course work that require a secure testing environment. For each test, you will likely need to report to a Pearson testing center and pay a fee of about $150 to take the test. This is designed to ensure academic integrity and prevent cheating on exams. 

Acceptance Fees are Paid Upon Admission to the Program

Once you are admitted to the online teaching degree program, you may have to pay an admission fee. This is designed to cover all of the paperwork and information storage within the university’s record-keeping system. The acceptance fee at Central Methodist University is $250 and is non-refundable.

Fees Associated with Graduation

Upon the completion of your online teaching degree program, there a multiple other types of fees. Here are a few examples.

  • Expect to pay a graduation fee that covers the graduation ceremony. At Central, this is $75.
  • If you lose or damage your diploma, you can request an additional copy. Each additional copy is usually around $25 on average.

Fees Associated with Tuition Payment

There are also additional costs and fees involved if you pay late or miss a tuition payment. The following examples are from Central Methodist University, but other colleges and universities have relatively similar payment formats. 

The two most common fees associated with tuition payment are late fees and returned check fees. In general, late fees will be around $50-100 per payment that is late. If you pay with a check that is returned, you can expect to pay about $25-50. The easiest way to avoid these fees is to pay on-time and in-full. 

What is the Average Cost of an Online Teaching Degree?


The cost of an online teaching degree is around $40,000 to $60,000 for a bachelor’s degree. For example, a bachelor’s degree generally consists of 120 credit hours. If a university charges $400 per credit hour, then the total cost of that degree will be $48,000. 

It is important to also keep in mind that private universities tend to charge more than public universities, though this isn’t always the case. Sometimes private schools are cheaper, especially if you are an active-duty military member. 

Watch Out for Hidden Fees

Finally, note that there are other costs and fees associated with obtaining your online teaching degree aside from just tuition. Budget some money aside to help cover these costs along the way, and don’t be surprised when they come up. 

In the end, the best way to view the costs for an online teaching degree is to go to that college or university's website and click on their "tuition and fees" page. Most will have the information listed there. If they don't, you can always contact the university by email or phone to request additional information about their specific programs and costs. 

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