GREENVILLE, Ky. ― The Muhlenberg County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony for Reading Solutions last week at 134 North Main in downtown Greenville.

Reading Solutions offers tutoring in reading for students aged 4 to adult using the Barton System, a multisensory systematic phonics based approach to reading.

Vickie Williams of Greenville is the proprietor of Reading Solutions.

"Both of my children have dyslexia and the problem runs in my family," said Williams. "The school system wanted to hold them back and place them on medication due to behavior issues. I knew I had to get to the root of my children's problems. I tried enrolling my children in a learning center in Bowling Green but the cost of the program was so high, I simply looked at the materials they used and bought the materials myself.

“After buying the Barton reading and spelling system, I had elementary teacher Kim Nelson to tutor my children using the program. My children improved two and three grade levels within a year's time. (Previously), son was so embarrassed that he could not read, he would get in trouble during reading. Now, those problems have gone away. My son still gets into some trouble at school but no more than many other children his age.

“After news of my children's success got around I had parents calling me and I decided to open Reading Solutions and offer services to other children who would benefit from the program," said Williams.

Williams opened Reading Solutions in October 2014 and currently has 13 students with all but two of the students having dyslexia. Reading Solutions also tutors in math, English and any other subject including Spanish that a student may have problems with. Reading Solutions also helps students complete class projects.

Reading Solutions offers the Barton Reading System at a much discounted rate than found with other learning centers which offer the same reading program, said Williams. Upon bringing a child to Reading Solutions, a certified speech pathologist will be made available to evaluate the child and determine if the child has dyslexia. Shelby Latham, the speech pathologist, has attended specialized training to make this determination.

Upon enrolling, students will be expected to attend two tutoring sessions per week at a cost of $35 per session. The program takes some commitment as it takes one to two years to finish, although results come much sooner.

"Parents who have enrolled their children in this program are very happy with the results," said Williams. "One of my students gained 20 points on the MAP test which placed them above the national average. Another student has gained three grade levels since starting the program. Parents are seeing spelling scores rise from the 50s to perfect or near perfect scores. Grade card grades are rising to the A and B range. Student confidence has risen. Some students, who felt they could not learn, have found they can be successful."

Reading Solutions summer hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturdays by appointment. When school is in session, it is open from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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