POWDERLY, Ky. — Shandi Littlefield is the first to admit that her quiet life as a wife and mother of three is a long way from the subjects of her popular trilogy.

Littlefield enjoys spending time with her husband, Zeb, and their daughter, Paige and sons Gabriel and Elijah. Together they love to go fishing, hunting and anything that allows them to be together.

Somehow in her busy schedule, Littlefield found time to also author three full length novels. Evils War, Evils War 2 and Beyond the Sun are a trilogy that traces the two main characters and their battles with the evil forces of the universe. These conflicts between angels and demons make up a total of well over a thousand pages. Littlefield says her love of writing began early, with a bit lighter subject matter... poetry.

"I started writing when I was in high school," Littlefield told SurfKY News. "I mostly wrote poetry in school, but I never dreamed that one day I'd take on a project this big. I didn't start on these books until about ten years ago. My inspiration came from music and my church pastor. I went to church one night and the preacher was talking about angels. I have always been somewhat fascinated by peoples' opinions of the supernatural. But this time, I just couldn't really get the thought of angels out of mind. I came home and decided that maybe I could write a story about angels and demons. I began doing research on line, but nothing seemed to click right. Then one day I was outside doing yard work while listening to a song called 'Damage Is Done' by Zakk Wylde. For some reason that song caused me to picture in my mind exactly how the story line should begin. It just seemed to unfold before my eyes."

The trilogy follows main characters Cadence and Brent in their war against evil. As the first novel begins, Cadence just wants a normal life. But evil demons seem to make normalcy an impossible endeavor. She is soon joined by Brent, and the almost nonstop conflict between the main characters and the dark forces take on both physical and mental battles.

"Originally I released the first two books as one very large volume of almost a thousand pages," Littlefield said. "But then I decided that was just too much. Now it's in three books, available on Amazon.com, Kindle and several other online sources. I was amazed that all three books have sold so well, with fans writing from as far away as Australia. That was a bit of a shock."

Like any writer, Littlefield said she did reach a point where she needed to take a short break from writing volume one of Evils War.

"It took me about six years to complete the first book," Littlefield said. "I started writing Evils War when our daughter was just a baby. I did reach a point where I just needed to set it aside."

Now with the trilogy complete, Littlefield says she is ready for a bit of a break, but does plan to continue writing.

"When I finished the third book, I did leave the ending open so that I could write another volume if I decided to," Littlefield said. "I have started on a fourth book in the series, but I have set it aside for now. I do plan on trying to pick it back up soon."

In the meantime Littlefield says she loves to communicate with her fans throughout the world on Facebook at Shandi Littlefield Author Page.

"I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from people who have read all three books," Littlefield said. "Many have said that they would love to see a movie version of the trilogy. I take that as a compliment."

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