5 Best Places to Buy Plus Size Clothing for Women

Are you aware that how you dress can affect your behavior? Research shows that how a person is dressed influences their mood, confidence, attitude, and even personality. This is why it is crucial to don attire that makes you feel comfortable to, well, just be you.

Unfortunately for millions of plus size women, finding suitable attire is a challenge. This is because they have been significantly underserved in the market. Though the plus size women’s apparel market has grown from $20.5 billion to $24 billion between 2016 and 2021, it remains greatly underserved.

Are you looking for cheap plus size clothing? Read on to find the best places to shop.


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1. ASOS Curve

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Though the plus size women’s apparel market has been greatly underserved, ASOS Curve has been in the industry for over a decade. It is the first store that comes to mind for most curvy girls when seeking a new outfit. ASOS Curve has stocked a wide range of plus-size apparel from multiple brands and designers, including their own collection from the word go.

Whether you want classic or trendy cheap plus size clothing, ASOS has got you covered. If you need variety, ASOS Curve is definitely the place to shop. From jeans, dresses, activewear, wedding dresses, and jumpsuits, they have over roughly 2,000 items to choose from. As such, you can rest assured that you will find outfits that are suitable for you.

  • Tons of experience with plus size attire
  • Offers a wide range of clothing from their own collection and other designers
  • Their collection features both classic and trendy clothing
  • Ranks moderately in terms of cheap plus size clothing

2. Boohoo

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Isn’t it odd that plus size clothing always seems to stick out like a sore thumb, and never in a good way? The days of looking like you’re dressed in 19th-century attire just because you are a plus-size woman are gone. This is only if you shop at Boohoo.

When you become a Boohoo customer, you enter a world of style. They offer the trendiest clothes available from some of the biggest brands. And, to sweeten the deal, their collection only consists of cheap plus size clothing. From sundresses to jeans, evening outfits, and even swimsuits, all your plus size clothing needs are addressed at Boohoo.

One of the key success factors for Boohoo is their use of social media, especially Instagram. By working closely with influencers, they’re able to showcase their clothing range appealingly for users.

  • Offers plus size women modern and elegant designs
  • Their collection features pieces from a host of top brands
  • Cheap plus size clothing

3. Mango

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Though Mango is a relatively young brand, it’s causing a stir in the world of cheap plus size clothing. Plus size women often do not have access to attire from the world’s largest fashion brands. When you wear such attire, it adds a spring to your step as you feel more confident in yourself and being around others.

This is exactly what Mango offers. Their collection can easily rival products from top brands, as their clothes have impeccable designs and are of high-quality. Though they are on the higher end of cheap plus size clothing, their quality is worth the few extra dollars.

Some of the unique and classy outfits they offer that you will not find stocked by other retailers include leather jackets, minidresses, and sequin skirts.

  • Offers classy and high-quality plus size clothes
  • Wide range of clothing featuring unique attire
  • Their classy products come at a few extra dollars

4. Target

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Though Target is a general merchandise store, it is one of the best places to shop for cheap plus size clothing. The company presents itself as the one-stop basic shop and duly lives up to that description. In the cheap plus size clothing collection, you will find garments from brands such as Universal Thread, Wild Fable, and Ava + Viv.

One of the best things about shopping for plus size clothing at Target is that there are new arrivals almost every other time. Therefore, when you go back shopping, there are entirely new designs to choose from. However, Target’s best feature is that its clothing prices start at $14, making shopping for plus size clothing more affordable.

  • If you have a RED card, you will get free shipping for your plus size garments
  • Orders of $35 and above have free two-day shipping
  • Sizes up to 4x
  • Returns are easy at Target storesVery low prices
  • New designs brought frequently
  • Access clothes from top plus size brands

5. Shein

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Founded in 2008, Shein is a fast fashion brand that deals with men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, with more focus on women’s clothing. Its philosophy is simple’ ‘everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion.’ True to its word, this is best depicted by their expansive collection of cheap plus size clothing.

Renowned for high-quality yet affordable plus size clothing selling at under 20 dollars, Shein is also keen on offering variety. They constantly add new trendy clothes to their collection. Along with their clothes, you will also get cute bags, shoes, and accessories to go with your outfit.

  • Offers a comprehensive collection of plus size clothing
  • Items on offer are trendy
  • Affordable clothing selling at under $20
  • Also stocks shoes, bags, and other accessories

How Hard Is It to Find Plus Size Clothing?

For so long, accessing plus size clothing that meets today’s fashion standards has been difficult. Fortunately, more brands are putting their attention on clothing for plus size women. Whether you want and in-store or online shopping experience, you now have plenty of options for cheap plus size clothing.