KENTUCKY – It’s almost that time of year already when some bucks may be shedding and dropping their antlers.

Some of the big rack bucks seem to drop their racks a little faster than the smaller bucks do, mainly due to the weight of the bone mass. Though I have seen some small rack bucks still wearing their head gear at the last week of March, it is still abnormal.

To be successful at locating dropped sheds, I would suggest that you do some homework first. Get to know the area well before planning a shed hunt. Concentrate on where bucks are usually bedded, or a feeding area, such as a green field where they are concentrated on late season winter feeding patterns.

One good area to search is on the trails where the deer are most likely to jump a fence, ditch or a creek. The bucks often jar antlers loose when they jump and land hard.

Another good option is on a trail heading towards a road or highway where the bucks may have to jump to clear a water drainage before crossing.

Also, while you are out in the woods searching for sheds, it’s a great time to look at after-season rub lines. This will give you a good idea on some future hunting locations.

As for what to do with the sheds, I have found several of all sizes and have used a few to make really good souvenir knife handles. The key here is to find a good knife master to put the handle on the blade.

Your best bet for timing to go shed searching is on bright and sunny days. The sunshine seems to make the bones stand out better and makes them more noticeable to the naked eye.

It’s also a good idea to take a friend, or even your dog, along with you, merely for enjoyment purposes.

Good luck on your search for the bone collector’s shed antlers.

Until next week, we’ll see you on the water or in the woods.

Randy Adams

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