Tree Hut Sugar Body Scrub is one of the best scrubs I have tried, and I now purchase it as my go-to product! It leaves my skin looking and feeling great, every day. There are no miracle products, so I won't claim this is, but, I saw improvements with my loose skin and stretch marks after only about one week of use.

The 18-ounce bottle won't last forever, but who would expect it to? With its delightful smell, affordability, and quality ingredients, why not give it a try?

All things good about Tree-Hut Sugar Body Scrub

Naturally, derived ingredients

All Tree Hut products, including Sugar Body Scrub Coconut-Lime, contain organically- certified Shea butter. Shea butter is made from the seeds of the Shea tree which are naturally rich in vitamins. Shea butter notoriously aids in nourishing the skin, helping with collagen production, and preventing drying.

Beyond that, the products included in all Tree Hut products have no parabens and is free from formaldehyde donors. The main ingredients in the Coconut-Lime scent include sucrose, glycerin, polysorbate-20, silica, and safflower seed oil, to name a few.

Made in the US

While its product ingredients include items from a variety of the best products from around the world, Tree Hut's factory is located on the West Coast in Watsonville, California Don't let the small-agricultural town home-base fool you though. Tree Hut has a top-notch professional cosmetic team developing its Sugar Body Scrubs and other skin products.

Variety of scents

While this review particularly addresses Tree Hut Sugar Scrub's Coconut-Lime, which uses a variety of citrus products, the Sugar Scrub line offers a total of 18 different scents to choose from. If Coconut-Lime isn't your thing, or if you want to change-up your scent, you might want to try Mocha & Coffee Bean, Pear & Chia, or one of my other favorites, Tropical Mango made with mango puree.


Because of the cost-efficiency of Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs, I can afford to purchase more than one scent at a time. During this time of stocking up on the things we use most, such as toilet paper and cupboard staples, I recently purchased a box of 12! Why not? It will safely keep and I know I won't run out!

For those browsing for holiday ideas, Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs make a great stocking stuffer. Developing a spa-package for a loved-one shows you care, and Tree Hut Sugar Scrub makes a great addition along with other Tree Hut products such as Body Butter, Body Wash, and Shea Epsom Salts for the bath.

It should be noted here that different scents of the Sugar Scrub can vary in pricing. This is probably dependent upon each Tree Hut Sugar Scrub's ingredients, some of which could make production costs higher.


Tree Hut Sugar Scrub Coconut-Lime comes in a convenient 18-ounce jar. It is easy to keep on the shower shelf or tub-side, and easy to grip while using. It is also convenient for storage options under the sink or in the bathroom cupboard.

Used as part of a daily routine

Whether you shower or bath in the morning or night, Tree Hut Sugar Scrub can be used daily as part of your grooming routine. Sugar Scrub exfoliates the skin while nourishing and moisturizing.

Tree Hut Sugar Scrub — comments from a few previously unhappy customers

While reviewing this product, I cannot find anything that I could complain about, but some have in the past.

Was there talc in Tree Hut Sugar Scrub Coconut-Lime?

In studying the ingredients listed on the back of the jar, I could only find good and yummy-sounding ingredients and no talc or talcum powder as an ingredient, at least in the Coconut Lime scent. But one customer had found it on the label for the Pomegranate Acai scent. That customer referenced court cases against baby powder products using talc, which "may" contain asbestos, a cancer-causing agent.

Talc is widely used in cosmetic products including baby and adult powers. According to the American Cancer Society, the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association "issued voluntary guidelines stating that all talc used in cosmetic products in the United States should be free from detectable amounts of asbestos according to their standards," in 1976. 

The primary concern has been for those who work in the talc industry with long-term exposure to breathing the particles and therefore, having a higher risk of lung cancer. Another concern is for women, who regularly applied talcum powder to their genital area, being at higher risk for ovarian cancer.

I'd like to note that Tree Hut does not suggest the usage of its Sugar Scrub products for the face. And, common sense, to me, dictates not to use such products in the genital area.

Additionally, that concerned customer did note, "Never take anybody's word for anything. I urge you to please do the research and verify all of this information yourself."

Some scents may have contained microbeads

One customer, who purchased the Coconut-Lime in early 2019, and another, who purchased the Amazon Pequi in 2016, each referenced to microbeads, or "plastic beads," being used in these scents. These beads can be unfriendly to the environment, especially sea life.

I would not argue with this. Some countries have outlawed the use of microbeads altogether, including the Netherlands and England. The U.S. is looking at many individual states, including California where the Tree Hut factory is located, following suit.

That being said, those complaints are old. My current jar of Tree Hut Sugar Scrub Coconut-Lime does not name Polyethylene, which microbeads are made of, in the ingredients. If it formerly contained that as an ingredient, I cannot say, nor have I any experience with the Amazon Pequi scent.

Inconsistent product packaging

Some customers have commented that when they have opened a new jar of Tree Hut Sugar Scrub, in various scents, that the seal was broken, or not evident at all. There should be a lid between the actual jar and its top. If there are any concerns with this when you purchase the product, I would recommend contacting the company, as it may be a quality-control factor. 

Tree Hut Sugar Scrub summarization

All-in-all, my rating on Tree Hut Sugar Scrub Coconut-Lime is very high! The same with the Tropical Mango, which I have also used. While I am not a coffee drinker, I love the smell of it brewing in the morning, so I may order Mocha & Coffee Bean next! My skin feels smoother and appears less wrinkled than when I started using Tree Hut Sugar Scrub about a year ago, and I am not getting any younger.

As with anything, I recommend you read the label and pay attention to the ingredients before you buy. In case you haven't noticed, I am abundantly happy with the Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs line!

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